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Sand is a natural granular material composed of finely divided rock and mineral particles and is used for concrete and mason work, leveling, paver projects and playgrounds.  Sand is for sale at wholesale prices and available for delivery to following Central Alabama Counties of Bibb, Chilton, Jefferson and Shelby.  For a quote and delivery of any type sand needs call Cliff 205-506-5000, C T Hauling and Materials.
  • Black Run Sand – Fine coarse beige, gold, tan sand used for back filling trenches or a fill.
  • Concrete Sand – A coarse sand that is washed and screened to a larger grit; it is ideal for mixing with cement and aggregate to create concrete.
  • Fill Sand – Fill sand has not been processed and is used primarily to fill holes or trenches over twelve inches deep where good compaction is needed; as where something will be built over the fill.
  • Filtering Sand – This sand is a rough sand ground to .45 – .55 mm and the roughness is used to filter out particles of dirt in water.  As the sand is used it becomes smoother, then the efficiency of your systems run more frequently to accomplish task; therefore, filtering sand needs to be changed at least every five years.
  • Mason Sand – This is a fine aggregate that has been graded; this fine sand is used for building works in mortar mixes, on golf courses, sandboxes for children’s play, volleyball courts, and an underlayment for swimming pool liners.
  • Septic Sand – The color mixture of this sand is beige, brown, gray and white and is used for septic systems.
  • Utility Sand – This is fine sand; it is gray/white in color.  It is used for a mixture with concrete and motor for laying blocks and/or bricks to create a white mortar line in between each stone.
  • Beach Sand - Beach sand is fine sand with colors that range from beige, brown, gray, tan or white. This sand is used for beaches at homes, condos, motels along the beach or for patios, volleyballs courts, playgrounds or sandboxes for children. 
  • Fine Sand – Fine sand particles are used to fill sand bags, backfill trenches, horse arenas, or to back fill utility pipes for electric, gas or water projects.

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