Top Soil Alabama

Topsoil is the upper layer of soil, usually the top 2 inches to 8 inches. Top soil is usually used for gardens and lawns. We can also use top soil for surface grading. 

Screen Top Soil

Screened topsoil is topsoil that has been processed to remove any rocks, sticks or other type debris from the soil.  It is the uppermost layer of the earth’s crust.  Screening the Top Soil provides a loose rich environment for plants to grow and develop.  C T Hauling and Materials provides the highest quality, tested topsoil for your flower gardens and sod.  For a quote and delivery for any quantity call Cliff at 205-506-5000.

Unscreened Top Soil

Unscreened topsoil is brown to black in color; it contains sticks, stones and roots.  It is used for filling holes, leveling, for wall support and as raised bed filler C T Hauling will provide any size load of any type dirt. 

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For a quote and delivery in Alabama, call Cliff at 205-506-5000, CT Hauling and Materials.


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